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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 1:26 pm 

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Hi all

My employer is a heavy user of F44/F41 and P12xx cameras, which I've been able to script the required configuration of using the trusty Curl command.
Everything from firmware updates, IP settings, formatting disks, image source settings etc, I have mastered it being applied by Curl.

However, one area still defeats me.
I'm looking to create a daily recurrence with itself as a recipient so it reboots every 24 hours.
Doing this by the gui is simple enough, but doing it for 1000's of devices is not fun, so I'm looking to include it as part of my config.

As the gui is a form, I've performed a similar form task with the time setting. (OS is windows)
curl -s --anyauth -d "Server_Date=%year%-%month%-%day%&Server_Time=%time:~0,8%&formType=formType2&action=set_time&dummy=&basic=yes&method=post" "http://ipaddress/admin/date.shtml"

This works well for setting the time, and I've done a similar thing with the firmware update too, as that is also a form.

However doing the same with the form in "http://ipaddress/operator/recurrence_setup.shtml" doesn't seem to do anything.

The form 'format' is slightly different, as I think it's a Java based form, and I've attempted it using with this:
curl -s --anyauth -d "formname=WizardForm&action=/sm/sm.srv&name=test&repeat=1&repeatUnit=DAILY&method=post" "http://root:pass@"

It seems there's either an option for "btnOK" to use or my formatting is well out (which it most likely is!)
I'm aware there's a funky way to do this with the VAPIX commands but I'm limited to using CURL, hence why I "complete the web form" via curl to circumvent that issue.

Once I can get something working on this recurrence setup page, I can use the same concept on the others to get it finished.

Any takers?

(Thanks in advance)

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