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A1001 Access Control
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Author:  Saker Klippsten 611810 [ Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  A1001 Access Control

Hello Recently Received an A1001 for testing and implementation. We have over a 1000 + users. Install was very nice and easy.

Software Needs/ Requests.

1. Right now it only allows me to import First and Last Name,Pin,Card#.
I really need to Add Groups on Import. Dragging and Dropping this many Users which are in alphabetical order is not really productive.

2. Support for Middle Names would be nice. I have 6 Chris Jones working here.

3. Filtering By Groups on the Left. Not Just Users or Doors is needed. So I can easily see what users are in a particular Group and Remove when Necessary.

4. I noticed when I deleted a selection of users. It did not show that I deleted a user in the Event Log. Needs should be mandatory.

Current Supported Import CSV format:

Would Like to see new Import CSV Format:
added middle name or initial and the group total of 6 columns


Thank you for your time
-Saker Klippsten

Author:  Saker Klippsten 611810 [ Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

#3 is implemented on the right side so not needed..

Another request.

#5 Adding an Extra Field to input a Labeled Card# that appears on the fob or card itself. Not a number that is read when scanned, and being able to search and filter by this. This is good for searching for lost keyfobs/cards that might be found on the ground and not reported as lost yet. It also helps keep track of who is assigned what.

Author:  Gustaf Scheja 588089 [ Thu Oct 01, 2015 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  RE: A1001 Access Control

Hello Saker!

Thank you for your feedback!

If you are referring to Axis Entry Manager, the focus for this web based software is a small basic and non-licenced access control system
with a maximum of 33 controllers, 400 card holders(card holders is not a hard limit but exceeding 400 is not recommended) and no advanced
access control features. The aim is for around 10 door systems with no advanced requirements. It's just a make-it-work-solution.

The full power of the A1001 is unleashed in conjunction with our ADP solutions. The web interface uses a small subset of the powerful API
available to our software partners enabling them to build a full scale access control system as well as a total Physical Security Identity
Management system with video integration.

To your questions/feedback points:

1. Yes, that is because of the limited feature set of Entry manager because of this solutions focus. Using the APIs you can easily set up your access
control rules in the controller.
In the FW 1.30 and up we have implemented a function for multiple-select drag-and-drop and filtering that makes larger group assignments go
easier in Entry Manager.

2. Through the APIs a card holder has the ability to have more identifiers than just first and last name. This has not been implemented in Entry
manager because of the limited feature set outside of the solutions focus. In other words - using an ADP solution enables this feature, but will not be
available in Entry manager any time soon. However the fields for first and last name can handle space so you can input the middle name of the
person before the last name or after the first name.

3. The placement of the group is for cognitive usability with the logic that objects from the left hand side of your screen(users/doors/schedules) are
supposed to be dragged to the groups on the right side of the screen. Generally the thought is that 400 users are a lot to scroll through thus the
filtering is needed. The doors are maximum 66 (if the system is maxed out on 33 controllers and all controllers are configured to control two
doors with simple functionality) and easier to scroll through and probably the access groups also are fewer and not needing the filtering. But we
will bring it up in the roadmap discussions.

4. The event logger is implemented as a pure access control log and not an administrator audit log. That's why you didn't see the operator action
in the log. We are looking into the need of auditing the operators as well but for now you would need an ADP solution for this feature.

5. Same answer as point 2. An ADP solution has this possibility through the APIs to do this but it is not implemented in Entry manager because of
the solution focus.

Also, adding a group in the import adds quite a lot of complexity since then you might want to add a user to multiple groups, you need to add
users to groups that you know exist or otherwise create the group. making the feature work good takes quite a lot of work and is also a bit out of
the focus for the simple solution that is Entry manager. ADP solutions of course already have this implemented and can facilitate you in your

Once again, thank you for your valuable input! We will take this with us in development of future products and firmware.

If you think of anything else, don't hesitate to contact us again either here or through our tech support.

Best regards

Gustaf Scheja
Product Specialist - Access Control
Axis Communications

Author:  Gustaf Scheja 588089 [ Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hello again!

We have now also crated two new topics - Access control and Network Audio on the main index page :-)

Best regards

Gustaf Scheja
Product Specialist - Access Control
Axis Communications

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